Death/Dismemberment Coverage

It is not fun to talk about, but it does happen. This coverage can give your family money if you die in an accident. It can also give you money if you lose a limb. The amount of coverage can vary, so again, be sure to ask your agentor cpaand if you do, what is the amount of payout.


I really have not sold this coverage very much. I have no problem with it, but since the total coverage is fairly small, I have seen people get a false impression of being protected because this coverage is on their policy. I have even seen people choose not to get additional life insurance because they had this supplemental coverage on their policy.

A HORRIBLE idea. This coverage only pays if you get into an accident. I recommend folks get their own life insurance policy, and a disability income policy as well. That is a subject for another ebook though, so I will digress. Suffice it to say,  this coverage is usually not very expensive, but it does not usually provide a lot of coverage. Personally, I do not have this coverage on my policy, but you may feel differently.

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