How to Save Money on Your Insurance – Location of garaged vehicle

This is another way to say WHERE YOU LIVE. If you live in the city, your rates will be higher. If you live in the country, your rates will be lower. The more cars and people around where you live, the higher your rates will be. More people and more drivers equal more accidents and vandalism etc. Now that you know this, do not try to fool the insurance company. Some people actually list false addresses to take advantage of lower rates. If the company finds out, however, they may choose to not pay a claim for you. If you are responsible for $100,000 worth of damage and the insurance company discovers your committed fraud, you may be I for some BIG trouble. I am mentioning this because in 20 years, I have discovered MANY scenarios of folks lying about their address…don’t do it.

Photo credit/Flickr/dvs

Photo credit/Flickr/Memotions

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