How to Pick the Right Insurance Coverage –Younger drivers

We know younger drivers are more expensive to insure. We know they are much more of a risk concerning liability. So, what can we do to protect ourselves, and pay reasonable premiums at the same time? First of all, pay attention to the section on discounts for younger drivers.


First try to maximize those scenarios. As far as the actual coverage’s, if you are REALLY looking to pay the least amount of insurance when putting a younger driver on your policy, you really only have one solution: No collision.

That means buy a car that is very inexpensive (a GREAT solution for a first time driver…dents, dings, scratches, who cares!?) If you already have a car in the household without collision, there’s your solution!

However, if you are like a LOT of parents, or if you are under 25 yourself and getting a car, you may choose to take the more expensive route. You buy a vehicle brand new, need full coverage on it, it is very expensive, and you are not happy. Guess what? That’s life. If you are under 25, male OR female, you are a higher risk, no ifs ands or buts. Do what you can to minimize premium, but if your policy requires full coverage, you WILL pay higher than average premiums.

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