What to Claim or Not Claim on Your Car Insurance – All other scenarios

Believe it or not, some claims are easy to handle, and not very stressful to you at all. Many things can happen to your automobile that your policy may cover. The following scenarios would generally be covered under your COMPREHENSIVE coverage:

  • A rock flies up and cracks or breaks your windshield (many times, insurance companies waive deductibles if your windshield can be repaired, but your deductible will come into play if it has to be replaced. Remember the $0  comprehensive deductible recommendation?)
  • Something flies of a car, truck or FTS, in front of you and strikes your car (this would be comprehensive if it hits your car BEFORE hitting the ground. If you run over it, generally it would be considered collision.
  • You hit a deer, dog, or other animal (although you actually HIT something while you were driving, insurance companies generally do not fault you for these accidents because of the unpredictable nature of the animal. This would usually fall under comprehensive coverage.
  • Someone keys, scratches, or otherwise physically damages your car, NOT with their car.
  • Someone steals your vehicle-AGAIN, let me reiterate the $0 comprehensive deductible recommendation. Imagine if someone stole your car. Now imagine that you had a $500 deductible on comprehensive. How would you feel about having to be out $500 because stole your car? Let me tell you, you would NOT be happy.
  • ANYTHING falls onto your car and damages it, hail, sleet, tree limbs, a bad golf shot…you get the picture. There could be other scenarios in which comprehensive would cover you, but the above represent the bulk of what can occur to your vehicle and be covered by comprehensive. Another useful coverage is the emergency road service, sometimes referred to as TOWING. As you will see, it can over you for many more scenarios than just towing, and because it just costs a few dollars extra, it is usually worth the extra protection it provides. Here are some scenarios in which your Emergency  RoadService coverage would kick in:
  • Your car breaks down and needs to be towed-KEEP IN MIND most companies stipulate that they will reimburse you to have your car towed to the nearest  repair facility to be repaired. NOT your favorite body shop that happens to be 300 miles away from the place your car broke down.
  • You run out of gas and need someone to bring you gas, or be towed to a gas station.
  • You are in an accident and your car needs to be towed.
  • Your car won’t start and needs to be jumped, and you call a tow truck to give you a boost. Be sure to check with your company to see if they will actually PAY for these services, or simply reimburse you after you have paid. Make sure to keep your receipts for these transactions as many times, insurance companies will check with the service providers to verify the nature and amount of the charges. Have only the best lock system from quicklocks247.co.uk that can make sure you are secure.

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