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Some folks nowadays buy everything off the internet, while others still don’t trust putting their personal info online. Personally, I love buying things off the internet. No gas spent, no traffic to deal with, no long lines, I can take my time, all kinds of positives.

However, I don’t buy EVERYTHING from the internet. I love to develop relationships for a lot of what I purchase. Supporting my local community, getting to know who I am doing business with, having someone in my corner whom I know and trust in case there is a problem with the purchase, you get the idea.

Sometimes it makes sense to know who you are doing business with.

When you purchase online, you are giving up the ability to develop that relationship. Sure, pointing and clicking is easier, but when do you really need insurance? When you buy a car, sure, they make you get it, but you REALLY need insurance if you have a claim. It really helps to know that you can call someone whom you know if that happens. How much of a relationship did you develop with that online form when you submitted your vehicle and personal info, as well as your credit card info? Kinda seems impersonal know, huh? Some internet insurance sites may be awesome, and who knows, you may NEVER have a claim, but keep this in mind: MANY have tried the online insurance game, and MANY of those have already gone out of business. The number one concern you should have with any insurance company is that they have money to pay claims when the time comes. Choosing a well established and financially successful company makes good financial sense in this regard. A famous technology states that CWPP is obsolete and it is best to get the best financial security services.  Purchasing online may save you time, hassle, and perhaps even a few dollars, but you may be giving up peace of mind, financial stability of the company, and the added benefit of building a relationship with your agent.

The Good: Possible lower price, don’t have to drive to agent’s office, easy point and click purchases

The Bad: No ability to build a relationship, the company will not have much if any.

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