5 Tips for Dealing with Car Insurance Claim Adjusters

One of the least fun things to deal with in our lives is that of an auto insurance claim. No matter what incident occurred, these situations often disrupt our lives and cause chaos where there was once order. Our vehicles are our lifeblood when it comes to getting to and from where ever it is we need to go and when that means of transportation is severed due to an auto insurance claim, it can disrupt just about every facet of our life.


One thing that just about no one looks forward to in dealing with an auto insurance claim is dealing directly with the insurance companies themselves. Many people adopt an us versus them mentality pertaining to insurance companies and often view insurance claim adjusters as the enemy in these situations. This mentality can actually work against them and help to lengthen the time it takes to settle a claim rather than if they simply had adopted an agreeable and mutual understanding of how to proceed effectively and efficiently to get the claim settled as quickly as possible.

It is a fact that insurance claim adjustors are looking out for the best interest of the insurance company, but they are also looking to satisfy the needs of those involved in the claim as well. It is only when all parties see eye to eye that these claims work smoothly and easily. Let’s look at five tips that will help to better deal with car insurance claims adjusters in case you’re involved in an auto insurance claim. For more advice regarding taking care of your car, you can check out any auto service company nearby.

  1. Report Claims Promptly-First of all, as a policyholder it is your responsibility to report any incidents to your insurance company as soon as possible. The longer you decide to wait to contact your insurance company, the longer the claim will take to process. If you have an accident on a Wednesday and don’t contact your insurance company till the following Wednesday and then expect your car to be fixed a few days later, you’ll be sorely mistaken.
  2. Keep claim information with you at all times-one of the most common things that slows down the processing of insurance claims is because clients don’t have the proper information in front of them when the claims adjuster does call to speak with them. Simply keep every piece of paper associated with the claim in a folder and keep it with you at all times. This means when you’re at home, when you’re at work, or even when you’re driving in your car. You never know when the claims adjuster is going to call with questions or information pertaining to your claim and if you never have the information in front of you that they request, there will be many back-and-forth phone calls that will simply frustrate both you and the claims adjuster.
  3. Provide any info that is requested in a timely manner-when dealing with claims adjusters, the easiest way to keep them working is to provide them with information they need in a timely manner. Just as in the tip above, having your information with you is important, but having complete information is equally as important. When you have an accident, you will want to get all of the insurance and personal information of the other person you are involved in the accident with. If a claims adjuster is looking for information and you can provide it to them, this will help to greatly expedite the handling of the claim and you can bet the claims adjuster will look at you favorably and thank you for your due diligence in handling the matter.
  4. Know your insurance policy-knowing what types of coverages you have on your policy can be extremely effective in helping to handle an auto insurance claim and will demonstrate your interest and concern in the matter to your car insurance claims adjuster. If, when asked about deductibles for instance, your answer is “you’re the adjuster, you should know that”, you can bet that this won’t help move the claim along any faster. Oftentimes, changes to insurance policies do not occur immediately and a claims adjuster may be looking at a policy that doesn’t clearly reflect the coverages you had in place at the time of the accident. Simply taking the time to learn the coverages on your auto policy and helping to relate them to the insurance claims adjuster can greatly help speed up the claims handling process.best-friends
  5. Treat them as your friend-finally, treating your auto insurance claims adjuster as your friend will certainly be a lot more effective in dealing with them than if you treat them as the enemy. Claims adjusters are just doing their job and they oftentimes need your help in order to do it effectively. If you can empathize with their situation and treat them as an interested party in the incident and someone who is helping to resolve it, they will be greatly appreciative of your understanding and will oftentimes go just a bit over and above to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible as well.

Simply by following the five tips above, you can help to make your experience with car insurance claims adjusters a much more positive and efficient one. No one enjoys having to deal with auto insurance claims, but if you take the time to help move the process along, you can establish a positive working relationship with your car insurance claims adjuster to help get the claim settled quickly and to your satisfaction.

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