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For those of you that aren’t familiar with what a broker does, well, they shop FOR you. In a sense. Basically, they take your personal information and show it around to various insurance carriers looking for the best price. This seems like a pretty good idea, and for some, it works well. In my opinion, brokers are the best solution for larger commercial policies. If you own a large business, then this arrangement can work well. You pay thousands if not tens of thousands in premium. You may not need to make many if any changes to your business policy throughout the year, so there is not much contact with the company (except for an occasional insurance certificate request) and shopping your huge premium every year may make sense. As long as the brokerage places your policy with a large and financially secure company, what’s the harm? However, if you are looking at just your personal lines insurance (i.e. auto, homeowners, renters, life) you may want to go the more personal route. With a brokerage, again, you don’t really get the chance to develop that personal relationship. Your brokerage may act as your agent, but their focus is usually on large premium commercial clients, and your one or two automobiles may seem like small potatoes. If you find a brokerage that can deliver personalized service, and will work diligently to find you great pricing as well, this arrangement CAN work to your benefit.

The Good: They will shop lower prices for you, take some of the hassle out of the insurance process for you.

The Bad: Less likely to build a relationship, you won’t have longevity with any company as they will often switch your policies as soon as they find a lower price.

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