The Ultimate Guide to Comprehensive Coverage

This is a pretty cool coverage actually. COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE covers pretty much any other damage to your car other than collision. (unless it was a hit and run, but we’ll HIT that one in a minute…pardon the pun.) Ok, let’s say you’re driving down the road, and the stupid truck in front of you kicks up a stone, and lo and behold BAM! Your windshield is cracked! Should you chase the scoundrel down, and get his information to get HIS insurance to pay for it? NO! Just file a comprehensive claim!


How about that one morning, you went out to your car, and found that some idiot had keyed the whole left side? Should you file a police report and send out an all points bulletin? Heck no! File a Comprehensive claim! (ok, this is fun, let’s try another one…) How about that OTHER morning, when you went out to your car and…FOUND OUT THAT THERE WAS NO CAR??? Should you call the cops? Yes, do the call the cops, but THEN file a COMPREHENSIVE CLAIM!!!


If your car was damaged, and it wasn’t due to a collision or another car (hit and run) or it was stolen, it is a comprehensive coverage claim AND guess what? You don’t have to be afraid to turn one of these in! This coverage is looked at as NOT BEING YOUR FAULT, and it won’t be held against you. There ARE extreme circumstances where the insurance company can question MULTIPLE claims of this nature, but for the most part you can rest assured that you will receive coverage with no ill effects to your insurance. The coverage is fairly inexpensive as well when compared to collision. There ARE deductibles associated with this coverage like collision, but considering how inexpensive it is, I recommend most go with a low deductible. More on this later.

Here are some more common scenarios that happen to people that are actually  COMPREHENSIVE claims:

  • Car getting keyed or vandalized
  • A branch or tree falling on and damaging the car
  • A rock or other object falling off a truck on the highway causing damage
  • Hail damageHitting a deer or other animal (yes, although you may be actually driving the car, most insurance companies will recognize these accidents as comprehensive due to the unpredictable nature of wild animals)
  • Accidental damage caused by owner while car is parked and unoccupied(one time…I was throwing wood in the back of my pickup, and a log went through the rear window…3 times…YES 3 times…)
  • Windshield crack or break (this includes other windows as long as damage wasn’t due to collision) As you can see, there are quite a few scenarios where the inexpensive coverage COMPREHENSIVE can be of use, and considering this crazy world of ours, there surely MANY more I haven’t listed. Bottom line? Comprehensive can be your friend.

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