How to Save Money on Your Insurance – Accident/Ticket Free Discounts

Simply put, drive safely, pay less. Having a pristine driving record can help you in the insurance game in several ways. For one, you will pay lower rates with your existing company. Most companies have some type of discount built in for perfect driving records. At the very least, they start with a certain rate and just add premium with each infraction or incident. Secondly, keeping your driving record clean will allow you the ability to switch to different companies to take advantage of lower rates. This is MUCH harder to do when you have blemishes on your record. Most companies are NOT looking for drivers with tickets and/or at fault accidents. Many folks make the mistake of threatening to leave a company because their rates went up, not realizing that it was their 2 speeding tickets and their at fault accident that caused it. These folks find oftentimes that they cannot leave their current company because no one will insure them. This is not a good place to be. The better your driving record, the more choices you have and the lower your premiums will be.

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