Do I Need Roadside Assistance or Towing In My Insurance Converage? Answered Here

Most folks just call this coverage towing, but actually it does a lot more. Believe me, if and when the times comes you need this coverage, you will be GLAD you had it in place. The few dollars it does cost will be outweighed by the peace of mind you feel when the insurance company pays the claim. Here are a few scenarios where this coverage can come in handy:


1. Your car breaks down and needs to be towed-most policies will only pay for your car to be towed to the nearest facility to be fixed, so keep in mind REASONABLE costs. You can’t tow your car 300 miles because you are moving OR because you have a favorite mechanic that lives hours away from where you broke down.

2. You run out of gas and need someone to come and bring you gas-won’t pay for your buddy to haul it to you, but will pay reasonable costs for a service center to get you back on the road

3. You get a flat tire-again, you may want to be towed, or just need help with the flat.

4. You lock your keys in your car-It happens, and it can be expensive!

As always, companies vary on their specific procedures, so check with your company to make sure how they pay these claims. Some reimburse you once you get a bill, others pay the companies directly (i.e. the service repair company or tow truck). Here is a hint: If you are worried about whether or not something is covered BEFORE you have paid, then call your insurance company! NOW is the time to find this stuff out!

If you have a situation, then pay for it out of pocket, and try to get your insurance company to pay and it is not covered, it is too late! If it is something that you had to pay for anyways, then it makes no difference what the coverage is. For instance, if your car is stuck on the side of the road, are you going to just leave it there because your insurance company is not going to give you $80 to tow it home? You get the point. Insurance companies are pretty reasonable with these coverages as long as YOU are as well. One thing to remember, if you pay fo  something and are looking to get reimbursed, keep receipts and document the info. The name of who you paid, the driver, etc. The more info, the easier you can get your money. Generally, these types of claims don’t result in anything negative on your claims history, as long as they are not abused. If you have a month where you: lock your keys in your car, your car needs to be towed TWICE, your run out of gas AND have a flat, and you want a check for each incident, well, they may be talking to you.

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